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Healing the Father Wound with Focus on the Family

"Jackie said she found the broadcast "Healing the Father Wound" especially meaningful for her, though she is in her 80's." 

"Your testimony gave me pause the other morning to the point I haven't been the same since. God was so in that testimony on the daily broadcast I was undone." M P Lawson 

"What an amazing testimony. Father's Day triggers a lot of people who have fatherless wounds. It makes sense that they would air this program today. I agree… and I am one of them."

"I grew up without a father and this speaks volumes to me." 

Discover the Father you've always wanted - Find the healing your story needs!


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There are countless men and women today suffering from the painful effects of growing up without a father in their lives.  I understand that pain!  But in "The Father You’ve Always Wanted," Ed Tandy McGlasson helps readers understand the healing and hope found in God our Heavenly Father.

Jim Daly
President, Focus on the Family

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I meet dads every week that feel as though they have not been a very good father.  Many have lost hope and feel like its too late to bring healing.  

We have written this Fathers Playbook to help you rewrite your family story.  We've created a strategy to give you the tools you need to win back your family and to be a the father your kids need in their story.  Whether you are looking to rebuild bridges with your adult children, reconnect with your adolescent children, or move past your own broken family story... you've come to the right place.

It is never too late to rewrite a new family story by winning our kids home agian.


The Father loves you and sent His only Son to let you know!         

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