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Father Time Blog

Welcome to Father Time Blog. This is a collection of questions and answers that have come during our conferences this past 15 years of travel, preaching and coaching. If you have subjects you would like to have included please email me at: We are committed to praying and seeing your family healthy, growing and full of love.

Father Time is a blog created by Ed Tandy McGlasson ministries in response to the hundreds of questions he has been asked at conferences around the country.  Connect in to the conversation as Ed candidly answers your biggest questions about parenting, family, being a dad and becoming the Beloved.  

What Dad's Really Want

Father's Day. The one day a year that's all about dad's. Well, not really, because if it was, your family would let dad take the day off and go fishing, or golfing or some other anti-social dad activity, right?!

Mother's Day seems a little easier to navigate than Father's Day, doesn't it? Mom's tend to let you know their expectations for their special day. But dad's? They tend to get pretty elusive on their special day.

I've lived through my share of homemade crafts, 'Greatest Dad in the World' tee-shirts, and the latest in barbecue toys. I still have my Three Stooges tie that my son Lukas bought me after he discovered my love of that show. I remember many times telling my kids I didn't need anything when asked what I might like. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why the most popular Father's Day gifts seem more like jokes than actual gifts your dad might enjoy.

But let me share a little secret with you. Even if your dad has asked for one of those items, or expressed keen delight upon receipt of those items in the past, it's not really what he wants for Father's Day.

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