The Father You've Always Wanted


The Father You've Always Wanted

There are countless men and women today suffering from the painful effects of growing up without a father in their lives.  I understand that pain!  But in The Father You’ve Always Wanted, Ed Tandy McGlasson helps readers understand the healing and hope found in God our Heavenly Father.

Jim Daly
President, Focus on the Family


No matter what kind of dad you have—or don't have—you can have the Father you've always wanted.

It is a tragic reality that many of us never experience the solid, positive presence of a loving father. But God promised that He would not leave us orphans, that everyone who believes becomes an adopted son or daughter of a loving Father in heaven.

With deep conviction and strong encouragement, Ed McGlasson invites you to take heart and have hope in your heavenly Father who loves you, blesses you, and will never leave you. Through this healing message, you will find a new sense of the purpose, identity, and value you have been searching for your whole life.


WOW! Unbelievably powerful is an understatement in how I would describe this treasure of a read. Within the first few chapters, through my tears, I said to myself...every person on the face of the planet needs to hear this message!

The Father You've Always Wanted is a powerhouse and a must read for anyone who has ever had a father or desired a relationship with a father. It's profound truth and penetrating impact has been deeply imbedded into the recesses of my heart, never to be forgotten. Outstanding Ed... simply outstanding! May God continue to shine His face and blessings upon you my friend.

Debbie Rasa
Owner/Partner, Rasa Floors LLC

Absolutely life changing!  Whether you feel you’ve failed as a father, or you’ve suffered from a harsh father who did not bless you; It’s never too late.  In the pages of this book, McGlasson maps a path to hope and healing.  I pray that this book gets into the hands of every person who has never heard the words “you are my beloved.”

Ron Strand

I wish I could pass this book out to every dad I know. Ed McGlasson is passionate about helping men become all they were meant to be. This book is a compelling read with very practical insight. Ed is one of my most favorite authorities on fathering and men issues.

Jim Burns, PhD
President, HomeWord
Author of Creating An Intimate Marriage and Confident Parenting

Thanks Ed for writing this book. "Performance-based approval" is the story of my life and when you said "Performance-based approval is one of Satan’s greatest weapons" it hit home. Sadly I could look back and see that probably far too often I had unknowingly done the same things to my son as my dad did to me in how I reacted to various situations. The good news is this is a book of hope in that there is a Father that loves us -- unconditionally. And it is never too late. I would encourage anyone who has ever felt they had o "earn" the love of their parents by their performance to read this book!

Jim West
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, The Barnabas Group

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