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Ed Tandy McGlasson


You were recently @ Vineyard here. You had a word for me and called me out in front of the church. You called me "caring Karen" said I was compassionate, loving, have a big heart...I hurt deeply and have been wounded by a dad who will never get it. You said I have the gift of healing, but think I have to be healed before I start using this gift.

You said start using the gift and I have  not had a relationship with my parents for over 30 years. They have always been actively involved in witchcraft. When I accept Christ, hell broke lose in my family. They fought me every step of the way and then stole my daughter from me when she was 12 years old. When she was 28 she wanted to reconnect, but they didn't "allow" her. I did go visit and both my parents got up in my face and took turns telling me how much they hate me, always did, always will. It took her another 5 years before we were able to reconnect. Mother, and I use that term light - I had been calling her the female biological parental unit! :-) passed away Labor Day. She was all alone. Since she has alienated all her children and relatives, nobody came to her funeral.

Since, my dad called me on Christmas day. We had a great conversation about life and family. About 5 minutes into our conversation, he asked "May I ask you a question? Who is this?" It was odd because he called me. After praying, I believe he was asking if I was Karen the Accuser or Karen the daughter. It was profound. At the end of the conversation, he said "Karen, I love you!" I just about hit the floor as tears whaled up in my eyes. I have felt so unlovable, undesirable, rejected, and slimmed. I now know I am the BELOVED! I have no need to go into the past issues. We've had 4 conversations since. He always end with "I love you". I asked if I could come visit him in March during spring break. He said "YES"! Whew...this is big. His health is failing and I so want to share the love of Christ with him before he passes. This will be my opportunity. Thank you, Jesus!

To that, all his relatives, who had totally rejected me because of their evil ways, have come out of the woodwork to reconnect with me through FB and emails. My one aunt has given me a lot of family history. God had showed me years ago that I was an illegitimate child as they never told me the year they got married. My aunt confirmed that. Boy did that answer a lot of questions I've had over the years on how they treated me, why they hated me, and how it is I became sickly as a child, in the first place.

I had a cousin, who lives in North Carolina, tell me she was coming to Gainesville this last weekend to dive in the different springs in and around our city. She had this scheduled months ago. I haven't seen her since she was 2 years old. We got together and had dinner. It was awesome!

God is moving in my family and life. I thank you for the word you gave to me. It has changed my perspective and my life. Thank you and blessings on you.

-Karen C.

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