Ed Tandy McGlassonI want to hear about and rejoice with you as you experience the Blessing of the Father.  Please send your story by Connecting with me.

Ed Tandy McGlasson


I am presently trying to finish a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and am a pastor and you just gave me my Ph.D. in sharing on TBN! I never had my father when growing up and I have overidentified with what I do so much. My wife and my children and grandchildren have suffered from my lack of attention but when you asked for people to stand up I immediately stood up and felt the outpouring of God's anointing and the love of my heavenly Father calling me his beloved.

I played your part of the show over again for my wife and daughter when they returned and they were also very blessed. I am going to play your message for the men and women of our church and will have to have you come here to Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Tucson sometime in the future. Much love to you and yours!

-Elwood  M.

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