Ed Tandy McGlassonI want to hear about and rejoice with you as you experience the Blessing of the Father.  Please send your story by Connecting with me.

Ed Tandy McGlasson


Words cannot express the gratitude I feel in my heart for the message you brought. I know like many others I could have been all alone in the room with just you and it all would still have been relevant. As I read your book and scour my notes I realize just how amazing my time on the hill with you was.

You see my identity was - almost! Losing my father at 8 and having my mother marry her career left a huge whole in my heart and my life.

At every moment in my life where something big happened good or bad, I found myself asking "what would you say dad? or what would think of me know dad?" Never knowing or even feeling a connection. Over the years I found God and even there I could not "connect" wholly with Him because of that void. I was well versed in Christianese like many and knew all the right things to say and God even blessed me with my own little ministry to Men and couples with my wife Sonja-specifically Blended Family couples which we are. After last weekend I find myself feeling like someone took the blinders off and I see a whole different God-one that loves me for who I am-completely. I feel the warmth of His smile on my face for the first time and I know I don't have to perform to get it. I almost didn't come last weekend because my wife and I have been truly struggling with some major issues in our family-suffice it to say it rocked my whole world and involved all three of my boys. It has really strained Sonja and I and I probably have not responded in all the right ways to her needs. You know what she prayed over me right before I left, she prayed "I hope God meets you on that mountain and fills the brokeness in your heart so that you can see who you really are." Well it is not the first time God has answered Sonja's prayers and I am grateful for that too. I appreciated your kind words regarding the book we are writing "Fight Naked" and your advice. I would love to send you a draft when we get there and get your insight and perspective, please let me know where to send it. I was serious about Haiti too-if I or my company can ever be of service to you in your ministry efforts please let me know. Mission Security Services is there for both the work He calls us to in the areas He calls us to and to keep those called to mission work safe and secure. Without sounding overly corny-I love you man for bringing me the message you did and I am grateful that God brought forth in you all that He desired to reach those you come into contact with-you reached me and it changed me forever.

God' s Blessings over you and your family!!


- Tom T.

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