Ed Tandy McGlassonI want to hear about and rejoice with you as you experience the Blessing of the Father.  Please send your story by Connecting with me.

Ed Tandy McGlasson


I want to thank you so much for everything you said and did for me when Allie and I stayed with you in August.  Your words meant so much to me and the prayer of blessing over my life has opened up a door to my relationship with the Father in a way that I can never fully explain in an email.

 The fact that God would have had you impact me so greatly while listening to your interview on the radio in Nashville and then to be sitting in your kitchen nearly 6 months later proved to me that God was orchestrating a big move in my life and that I was in His will.

I truly enjoyed your book, both of them, and have since passed them on to friends and intend to give my Father your book for Christmas this year.  I have been soaking up the word of God as never before and he has been revealing new and deeper truths to me that my brain is still trying to unravel.  Be encouraged that you are doing an amazing work for the Father.  He has revealed a truth to you and anointed your ministry an that is apparent because of the work that He is still faithfully working out in me since our time together.

I would love to add you to my monthly email list of friends and family so that I can continue to share what God is doing in my life through the catalyst of your blessing.

Please be in prayer for Allie and her family.  I am hoping that you are up to date on their circumstance.  Again I appreciate everything, the bed, the meals, the truths, and the blessing.  I hope we get many more chances to sit and share what the Father is doing in our lives for His kingdom.

In Him

- Bradley C.

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