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Ed Tandy McGlasson

Hi ED!

Just wanted to touch base with you and ask for continued prayer. I'll try to copy Ed on this message too, but do you mind on following up with him to let him know what is going on here in small town Oklahoma for us?

As you know, we ordered 50 books a little while ago. I have 8 left. Whoo Hoooo!!! We've been visiting local pastors, but most of them have been taken (been handing them out for free to whomever wants one) at our Farmer's Market we hold on Saturdays. Last weekend, we didn't sell much, but there was a car and motorcycle show we attended and about six to eight books were taken and conversations held about needing fathers and some fathers needing as much help as possible. We're becoming expert at planting seed that produces squash, okra, tomatoes, etc, but we are especially loving planting the love of the Father when we can. These books are great seed. Can't wait to see the harvest.

Anyway, on the side - as I briefly mentioned before, Dad and I have been visiting local pastors who have organized a Ministerial Alliance for the town and surrounding area to talk to them about our being led to begin a Mens Prayer Breakfast on a weekly basis. We also gained permission to hold that meeting in the conference room of a local bank. At first we encountered some resistance, but we were asked to brief the members of the alliance today. As a result of that meeting we were asked to become members of the Ministerial Alliance and attend their monthly meetings so we can ask for any support as well as inform them of what all we have cooking. All pastors there pledged to help get the word out about the prayer b-fast to their congregations and community. I think we are going to need more books for sure. The emphasis of the meetings will be support primarily through prayer for fathers, families and community. Needless to say, the Holy Spirit is sooo awesome and I very, very, very much enjoy watching Him work on me and on the other end of the deal. Kind of awesome to continually go into meetings and the other parties you meet with approach you with things you wanted to ask them for support on, etc.

I was also asked by one of the members of the alliance who runs a ministry that caters to incarcerated men, women and their families, ex-offenders, addicts, and just those needing to survive - to help minister/share with the men there. My first thought was - "I have no clue what to say or what to do." However, I was deeply humbled to think that the Lord would consider me worthy of sharing His love to these orphans in any way I can. The Spirit does the work, right? I just have to try and love them as one of the Beloved.

If my discernment is right, I think we are going to end up needing to have a 2 day event here in Bristow. It is still a ways off, but I sense it coming. In the Lord's timing. I've always worked my rear end off trying to get ahead on my own, but this working with/for the Father is exciting! Hope you don't mind me "spewing".

As always with spiritual warfare, my family and those who dare to stand with us are and will encounter attack. Please pray for us as we pray for your growing ministry. I have absolutely no doubt the Lord is with us and can feel Abba's arms around us each day, but I also know we are human and my faith and trust are not always perfect. Pray for absolutely no toe-holds or foot-holds in our faith and actions that Satan can take advantage of. Please pray for our relationship with our Father to continue to grow as he turns our hearts, cuts us deep and transforms our lives for His glory so we may help transform others.

Love you guys - thanks for being our new friends and committed to Truth, Families, Fathers but most of all to THE Father. Talk to you soon.

- Kurt, Davi, and Hugo

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