Ed Tandy McGlassonI want to hear about and rejoice with you as you experience the Blessing of the Father.  Please send your story by Connecting with me.

Ed Tandy McGlasson

I lived in California in 1993 to 1995. I believe it was 1995 when I found myself in a community church. You were the guest speaker. The whole time you were sharing your testimony I had a lump in my throat as I began to look around it didn’t seem like anyone else was struggling not to lose it. You told us if we were ready to get right with god to come forward. I gave my life to Christ that day.

I went to stadium vineyard as much as I could. Every time I was filled with the Holy Spirit as powerful as the first time I gave my life to Christ. Since I moved to pa. tried different churches. didn’t like what they had to offer. became disobedient and distant from god. 14 years and two kids and a divorce later started dating a girl who was a church goer started going to church again. didn’t have the spiritual connection I once had. I was faced with the question from our pastor. What if you were persecuted for being a Christian and were going to be imprisoned or killed for it. I remembered back after I gave my life to Christ, Jesus was the only thing I was attatched to. I started getting flashbacks of the day I gave my life to Christ. I decided to look you up. listened to one of your powerful sermons on the stadium vineyard website. and behold you led me to Christ again. my eating habits are better. I no longer want to watch TV. The love of Jesus has been poured into my heart and overflowing with love for others and even people I was once annoyed with. I’m now reading the bible and can’t get enough. praying constantly throughout the day. am living the fruits of the Holy Spirit and about an hour ago started and new previously broken relationship with my mom after 34 years of resentment. I just want to say thanks again Ed. you have such faith and I can tell you are guided by the Holy Spirit. Apparently not even the web can block the power of the Holy Spirit.

-  Matt C.

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